Welcome to NRI Institute of Health Sciences

NRI Institute of Health Sciences has received HEERF II funds to be utilized for student purposes. The funds we have received total $93,346.00.

HEERF is the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds to defray costs associated with the Coronavirus epidemic related to your education. The school is currently reviewing all guidelines and is developing policies and procedures for the distribution of funds. In the near future school officials will be meeting individually with students to discuss each student’s situation. All funds will be distributed in accordance with the guidelines published by the United States Department of Education.

Dan Splain
Chief Administrative Officer

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    Our History

    NRI Institute of Health Sciences is a private degree granting post-secondary school located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

    NRI Institute was formed as a result of the merger of the former Ultrasound Medical Institute and the NRI Institute of Health Sciences.

    The school was renamed the NRI Institute of Health Sciences to reflect the expanded programs in registered and practical nurse as well as nursing assistant while continuing the respected diagnostic medical sonography program.

    The current owners of the school have extensive healthcare experience in the United States and internationally that includes hospital administration, managed care, nursing education and the international recruitment of healthcare professionals.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of this institution is to educate and train students to become healthcare professionals in the fields of nursing and diagnostic medical sonography and related fields. Our mission is to insure they are trained to a high level that enables them to secure employment in their chosen profession.


  • Our Purpose

    It is the purpose of NRI Institute of Health Sciences to contribute to the economic development of the local community through training programs and activities that help to improve job skills and secure/retain and create better jobs, as well as generate new employment opportunities for those students who apply themselves and improve the quality of life in the community and service in the health care industry.

    The school is to prepare, educate and train to meet the course requirements in the ultrasound and nursing fields. We train our nursing and ultrasound students to graduate and obtain an Occupational Associate Degree or Diploma. In addition, the school prepares students to pass exams needed for licensure and/or certification from the state and the many private companies that offer them.

  • Educational Objectives and Philosophy of the School

    NRI INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES was founded to prepare persons for gainful employment as quality medical caregivers, while giving our students the opportunity to discover other ways in which they can serve in the healthcare field.

    All of our educators share in the following commitments:
    • A passion for caring for others;
    • Commitment to lifelong learning;
    • Creativity;
    • Communication skills; and an
    • Interest in helping our students grow and develop in interpersonal and professional skills.

    These commitments drive our educational philosophy and our objectives geared toward the acquisition of the needed skills and knowledge of our students. Our objective is to produce competent and caring health care workers to improve public health and the quality of care.


Be the future, a successful future.