Associate Science in Nursing Degree Program

Program Description:

The Associate of Science in Nursing Degree Program is designed to prepare the student for the role of professional registered nurse in a variety of health care settings, including acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community based agencies. The program is based on nursing concepts and skills, which enable the nurse to contribute to health promotion, maintenance, and restoration of clients across the lifespan.

Program Pricing:

Tuition Nursing & Sciences Courses $40,590.00 (66 Credit Hours)
$615 / Credit Hour
Tuition General Education Courses $9,225.00 (15 Credit Hours)
$615 / Credit Hour
Total Tuition $49,815.00
*Books $2,850.00
*Clinical and Lab Fees $4,350.00
 Total Program Cost $49,815.00

*Fees included in cost per credit hour

Estimated Length of Study:

The estimated length of study for the AS in Nursing Degree Program is 18 months in the day program, 21 months in the evening program.

Program of Study:

Credit Hours: 81

First Semester Credits

  • MAT1021 College Mathematics* 3
  • PSY1022 Development across the Lifespan 3
  • ENG1021 English Composition* 3
  • NUR1001 Introduction to Nursing Profession 2
  • BIO1021 Intro to Biology & Microbiology 2
  • PSY1021 Intro to Psychology* 3
  • NCLEX1001 Test Taking Strategies/Critical Thinking I 1

Second Semester

  • BIO1022 Anatomy & Physiology 4
  • BIO1023 Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1
  • ENG1022 Fundamentals of Speech/Communication* 3
  • NUR1002 Nursing Foundations 6
  • MAT1022 Applied Mathematics* 3
  • NCLEX1002 Test Taking Strategies/Critical Thinking II 1

Third Semester

  • NUR1003 Pathophysiology 3
  • NUR1005 Nursing Care of the Adult I 5
  • NUR1008 Pharmacology 4
  • NUR1004 Health Assessment 3
  • NCLEX1003 Test Taking Strategies/Critical Thinking III 2

Fourth Semester

  • NUR1044 Nursing of Children 2.5
  • NUR1066 Geriatric/Mental Health Nursing 4
  • NUR1006 Nursing Care of Adults II 5
  • NUR1055 Maternity Nursing 2.5
  • NCLEX1004 Test Taking Strategies/Critical Thinking IV 2

Fifth Semester

  • NUR1007 Advanced Concepts in Adult Nursing 5
  • NUR1077 Community Nursing 3
  • NUR1088 Professional Issues/Role Development Class 2
  • NCLEX1005 Test Taking Strategies/Critical Thinking V 3

* General Education Requirements

NOTE : If taking General Education course(s) at NRI the program maybe one semester longer that stated above.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing Program, graduates will:

  1. Deliver competent holistic nursing care to persons of all ages in a variety of settings within the scope of practice for the registered nurse.
  2. Apply knowledge from the physical, biological, psychosocial, and nursing sciences in the performance of nursing care.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of blood borne diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
  4. Collaborate appropriately with clients, families, and other members of the health.
  5. Apply critical thinking and decision-making skills in client situations.
  6. Utilize appropriate verbal and written communication to convey and record client.
  7. Consider cultural diversity and developmental age in providing appropriate care.
  8. Demonstrate basic computer skills to organize and communicate data.
  9. Utilize a caring approach in establishing effective interpersonal relationships with clients and families.
  10. Utilize a nursing process to meet physical, psychological, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of clients.
  11. Safely and accurately perform nursing skills utilizing a caring manner.
  12. Meet teaching needs of clients and families in a variety of settings.
  13. Calculate and administer medications to clients accurately and safely.
  14. Demonstrate ability to delegate nursing tasks and when appropriate direct the LPN.
  15. Demonstrate management/leadership skills in caring for a group of clients.
  16. Contribute to promoting, restoring, and maintaining health to clients in need.
  17. Value lifelong learning and the need for continued education.
  18. Assume entry-level positions in professional nursing.
  19. Explore all current issues and trends including legal and licensure aspects of professional nursing.

Career Information

Upon completion of the Associate of Science Degree Nursing Program, the graduate is eligible to apply for license as a registered nurse by taking the NCLEX-RN. Registered
nurses are employed in a wide variety of health care settings, including, but not limited to, acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, and community-based agencies.

Graduates will be required to obtain a license from the Florida Board of Nursing or the State Board of Nursing where the desire to work to seek employment in the Program of Study for Traditional (Generic) Associate of Science in Nursing.




Other fees comprise of the following:

Liability Insurance

NRI Institute students enrolled in nursing program are required to pay a liability insurance fee once a year. This fee is included in the required fees for the academic year and payable at the beginning of the semester the student is accepted into the program of study. Associate of Science Degree in nursing students in the traditional tract will also pay a liability Fees and Expenses including but not limited to insurance fee at the beginning of the fourth semester of study.


The students are responsible for buying their own supplies (pens, pencils, etc.).

Uniforms and other supplies

The cost of uniforms, laptops and additional supplies are not included and are the responsibility of the students.

Application Fee

There is a $50 application non-refundable application fee.  The application is only valid for the term applying.

Change of Program Fee

There is a non-refundable fee of $100.00 per occurrence for students who change their program of study.

Test out Fees

Test out fees for students and courses eligible for test out  is $150 per credit hour