Home Health Aide

Program Description:

Students will become proficient in personal care for homebound patients, including personal hygiene, assistance with self-medication, and other assistance as needed. The core curriculum of the program focuses on the theoretical aspects of assisting patients that are homebound with some of the program time devoted to in-class clinical practice. As the program progresses, the student expands upon the knowledge gained in the initial theoretical training and lab experiences. In addition the students will have clinical experiences in the home health setting under the supervision of qualified faculty. Graduates typically get jobs with Home Health Agencies and Nurse Registries.

The HHA program at NRI Institute of Health Sciences is designed to satisfy the Florida DOE Curriculum Frameworks for OES 66011462 SOC Code 31-1011, for Home Health Aide, (CF 01.0- 23.0)

Upon successful completion of 80 hours of training, the student will receive a diploma indicating the completion of the Home Health Aide Program.

Estimated Length of Study:

Weekday classes 2 weeks
Evening classes 4 weeks

Program Pricing:

Non-Refundable Registration Fee $100
Tuition $600
Estimated cost of books and materials $150
Total Program Cost $850
Make-up Cost (per hour as applicable) $10
Re-entry Fee (as applicable) $60

Program of Study:

80 Hours



HA 101 Introduction to Home Care and Health Care System 2

HA 102 Legal and Ethical Issues 3

HA 103 Communications and Cultural Diversity 3

HA 104 Infection Control and Standards: OSHA (3 Lab

HA 105 HIV/AIDS (1 Lab Hour) 4

HA 106 Safety and Body Mechanics (2 Lab Hours) 3

HA 107 Emergency Care (2 Lab Hours) 3

HA 108 Physical, Psychological and Social Health 4

HA 109 Anatomy of the Human Body in Health and Disease

HA 110 Human Development and the Aging Process 4

HA 111 Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse 4

HA 112 Death and Dying 2

HA 113 Transfer, Ambulation and Repositioning (2 Lab

HA 114 Personal Care Skills (6 Lab Hours) 8

HA 115 Core Health Care Skills and Resident’s Rights (3

HA 116 Rehabilitation and Restorative Skills (1 Lab Hour) 2

HA 117 Medication Assistance and Technology in Home

HA 118 Clients with Disabilities 2

HA 119 Mental Health and Mental Illness 2

HA 120 Working with Newborns and Infants (1 Lab Hour) 4

HA 121 Common, Acute and Chronic Conditions 4

HA 122 Maintaining a Healthy Environment (1 Lab Hour) 2

HA 123 Meeting the Nutritional Needs of the Patient 2

HA 124 Employability Skills (1 Lab Hour) 2

Course Title Clock



(1 Lab Hour)


Lab Hours)

Care (1 Lab Hour)

TOTAL 80 Hours: 80