Financial Assistance

• The ULTRASOUND PROGRAM participates in the Federal Student Loan program
• The school is approved by the State Department of Veterans’ Affairs for Veterans’ Training
• Payment arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

Financial aid is not currently offered for the NURSING PROGRAMS and HOME HEALTH AIDE program.

Zero interest payment plan programs and limited scholarships are available for the Nursing program in the amount of 50% of tuition Fees only (not other fees) for all Palm Beach County residents. This scholarship will automatically apply to any student providing proof of residence in Palm Beach County without the need to make a written application. Students residing in Palm Beach County will automatically receive the scholarship upon provision of proof of residence. Proof of residence can consist of any two of the following documents: 1) Florida driver’s license showing a Palm Beach County address; 2) a current utility bill showing Palm Beach County address; 3) lease in student/parent or legal guardian name showing Palm Beach County address; and, 4) most recent property tax receipt or bill in name of student/parent/guardian showing Palm beach County address.
Tuition Payment Methods
• Tuition or remaining balance is financed with the school in equal monthly payments with a predetermined down payment in accordance with the qualifications of the applicant and as per the enrollment agreement contract at 0% interest.
• There are no carrying charges, interest charges, or service charges connected with the 0% interest. These contracts may be sold to a third party at any time.
• Tuition payments are to be paid on or before the date indicated on the payment plan. Tuition payment not received by the fifth day after the due date will result in the suspension of all class attendance. Any special conditions/situations must be approved by administration.
• Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged $35.
Any and all legal cost associated with the collection of tuition will be at the expense of the student